Epilogue Review [SGU 218]

As the end of a series, Epilogue is a fitting name but it has the feel of a last minute amendment; something changed as the news of the end came, perhaps. As endings go, it’s not a bad one and if the series had come to an end with this episode, there are certainly worse ways it could have gone. But as a name in the Stargate Universe tradition, it strikes a single, final note as opposed to previous titles, where many meanings could be inferred.

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The Hunt [SGU 216]

    “The Deerhunter.”

    There's a lot going on in this episode but one element that stood out starkly was Greer's story line. Or, to put it simply: The Deerhunter. Just as “Deliverance” has made a mark on those of my generation, the same can be said of “Deerhunter”.

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Seizure Review [SGU 216]

By xxxevilgrinxxx | Published: April 8, 2011

There’s an unfinished quality to “Seizure”that was initially difficult to get past and required a re-watch in order to pick out elements. In what has become a Stargate Universe staple, the title “Seizure” points to multiple storylines within the episode: the seizure of the Langaran gate complex, but also Amanda Perry’s seizure of both Rush and Ginn, and even Eli’s seizure and quarantine of Perry and Ginn by the end of the episode.

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Hope Review [SGU 214]

xxxevilgrinxxx | March 30, 2011

Situations aboard Destiny are often dire, with risk to the crew, to the ship, to the mission, or to humanity as a whole. Like faith, hope also survives and, in true Stargate Universe fashion, it is offered in several guises – the hope offered in the Destiny’s technologies and mission, the hope offered about people that are gone, and for people on Earth. The hope offered by the crew, to each other.

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Alliances [SGU 213]

By xxxevilgrinxxx | Published: March 24, 2011

The people aboard Destiny will likely never go home. Many of them have chosen to stay and those that don’t want to stay don’t have much of a choice, as the previous episode proves out. So what now? Now comes the time when those aboard will have to choose where they stand, to choose their alliances, and they aren’t the only ones.

Over the past year, the crew have gone from being opposing camps – allied to either the military or the civilian contingent – to being a more or less cohesive unit, with the opposing forces coming from without. The Lucian Alliance, the various aliens and hardships, this opposition has been confronted and dealt with but the crew now faces a worse adversity in the form of their own people.

This isn’t the first time that Earth has tried to interfere in affairs aboard Destiny, but the events of “Alliances” have certainly sharpened those divisions. Not soldiers, not scientists, but worse. Earth has sent the politicians, the accountants and, in the form of Covell, someone whose allegiances can’t truly be ascertained.

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